Cadott Elementary School

Cadott Elementary School's staff of 50 provides a comprehensive curriculum to over 400 students in Elementary School 280X280grades PreK-6. The elementary school utilizes standalone and networked computers to enhance student learning. Art, music, and physical education are taught by specialists.The elementary school has a licensed guidance counselor and librarian and provides a full compliment of services to students with disabilities. We are dedicated to empowering our students to be responsible learners with strong character!


Cadott Jr/Sr High School

High School 280X280In school, students learn the rules of the road. At Cadott High School students have          their own little "society"--a town within a town where students and staff each bring              something unique to the table. Each influences the other on this trip through the year        and, ultimately, through each others lives.

Cadott Hornets learn more than basic skills needed for everyday living. Junior and Senior High School students are exposed to a variety of career pathways to help them focus on a specific career goal. Students learn the power of teamwork both in class and on the playing field. With a staff of more than 30, students are provided one-on-one opportunities to work with caring teachers and support personnel.

Cadott Junior/Senior High . . . Where everybody knows your name!