It's Great to Be a Hornet!

Hornet The School District of Cadott Community prides itself on a tradition of educational  excellence. The district provides many opportunities for students, including a 4K-12  curriculum, Advanced Placement and transcripted courses, and there are a variety of career  and technical education courses available to students in the jr/sr high school. Teachers in the elementary school foster learning in many classes through inquiry and project-based learning so that students don't only learn, but learn to be life-long, 21st Century learners. Both of our schools are supported by a library program that provides students with the resources they need to be successful in both their personal and educational endeavors. All of these educational opportunities are offered through small class sizes and with the support of a staff dedicated to the success of each and every student.

Aside from academics, Cadott schools also encourage students to grow, develop, and learn in alignment with their personal interests. The district offers many extra-curricular athletic opportunities for students in both the elementary and jr/sr high schools. Students at the jr/sr high school have access to several advisers who foster learning through our many academic organizations. The elementary school nurtures these same interests in students through Math Olympiads, a school library Maker Club,  an art club, an elementary Student Council, and several other student organizations.

Feel free to contact us for more information or with questions about our district and discover why every day is a great day to be a Hornet!

Student Performance and Academics

The School District of Cadott Community is committed to ensuring academic excellence for all of its students in each school. To better understand how our schools and district work to achive this, please see our Notice of Student Academic Standards.


The School Performance Report encompasses a wealth of information on school and district performance, and student achievement.

The School District Performance Report allows you to compare the School District of Cadott Community to other school districts in the same athletic conference with just one click.

In accordance with State Statute Section 3224(m) 119.57(1), the School District of Cadott Community also provides notice of its educational for resident children and accountability statement.

 Open Enrollment Opportunities

Wisconsin’s inter-district public school open enrollment program allows parents to apply for their children to attend school districts other than the one in which they live. Applications may be submitted to up to three nonresident school districts.