Scholarship opportunities are available and arrive often in Student Services. Follow the calendar here to identify scholarship due dates and easily access scholarship applications from the calendar appointments. Students can also access all scholarship information in the Class of 2019 Google Team Drive!

Class of 2019 Google Team Drive Video Tutorial

For a full list of scholarships available to students, please see our Cadott Scholarship document.


Scholarship Pointers:

Organization is the key in making the application process go smoothly. Letters of recommendation for scholarships may be obtained from classroom teachers, school counselors, principals, employers or members of the community. A ‘Letter of Recommendation Information Sheet’ is helpful when making a request for letters of recommendation. Essays will be required for many scholarships. 

Other tips include:

  • Highlight the deadlines
  • Write and rewrite the essay (remove the fluff). Provide solid reasoning.
  • Parent financial statement is very important -give solid reasons and facts.
  • Computer generate if possible or type everything – PLEASE DO NOT HANDWRITE

(Your application will look more professional and easily read)

  • Do not use acronyms or abbreviations – spell everything out
  • Do not use 1,2,3,4 for years – use 09, 10, 11, 12 (shows year of school)
  • Be neat – no whiteout, erasures, no paper smudges – retype, do not handwrite
  • Professional, check for grammar, and check for spelling errors

A student computer and typewriter are available in Student Services for filling out scholarships. To try filling out some PDF applications online, you can use PDFescape to fill in and print scholarship documents.

For more information on working with scholarships, please contact Mrs. Michaud or Mrs. Yeager.

Mrs. Michaud--715-289-3795, ext. 4540; email:

Mrs. Yeager--715-289-3795, ext. 4541; email:

For specific university, college and technical college scholarships please visit the individual school website to access their scholarship opportunities.

Letter of Recommendation Information Sheet

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