Graduation Requirements

All students who graduate from Cadott High School will earn a regular diploma. The following elements will be considered in determining whether a student should be granted a high school diploma: (1) Credits earned through course enrollment; (2) High School Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination (WKCE); (3) Teacher recommendations based on academic performance; (4) academic performance. Opportunities will be provided all students to meet the established criteria to earn a high school diploma. Graduation is determined by a point system and regardless of when sufficient points are earned; a student may graduate no earlier than the end of the first semester of the senior year. Five points are required to earn the high school diploma and they may be earned as follows:

The following credits must be earned:
4 credits in English, including writing composition.

3 credits in social studies, including state and local government.

3 credits in mathematics.

3 credits in science.

1.5 credits in physical education

0.5 credits in health education

0.5 credits in personal finance

B. Two points must be earned through completion of 8.5 elective credits from any combination of course work in agriculture, art, business education, family & consumer education, music, technology education, and any other courses offered for high school credit.

Positive teacher recommendations are implied for students who meet requirements as specified in A & B above.
C. A maximum of one point may be earned by scoring at the proficient or advanced level in the High School Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination (WKCE) as follows:
0.25 points in mathematics.

0.25 points in reading or language arts.

0.25 points in science.

0.25 points in social studies.

D. A maximum of two points may be earned for final grade point average (GPA) as follows:
1 point for a GPA of at least 1.00 but less than 4.00.

2 points for a GPA of 4.00 or higher.

E. Students who do not meet criteria in C and/or D above sufficiently to graduate will be permitted to graduate with documented demonstration of proficiency through a district approved project, portfolio, or other performance with emphasis in any one or combination of the subject areas of the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards. Such documentation must be initiated no later than the beginning of the senior year and must be pre-approved by a review committee consisting of an administrator, a counselor, and two teachers from content areas of the Standards identified above, one of whom may be selected by the student. Such documentation must be completed by the end of that school year and will be evaluated by the same review committee.
F. Students who are identified with exceptional educational needs may graduate through completion of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) as provided in IDEA.
LEGAL REF.: Sections 115.92, 118.153, 118.33, 121.02, Wisconsin Statutes, and PI 18, Wisconsin Administrative Code