Student Services

The Cadott 7-12 school counselors are available to provide assistance in learning, social, and career areas for students and parents.

Meet Our Counselors


Clarissa Freitag

Grades 7-12 (A-M)

Phone: 715-289-3795, ext. 4550



Samantha Behnke

Grades 7-12 (N-Z)

Phone: 715-289-3795, ext. 4540





Deb Yeager

Student Services

Phone 715-289-3795, ext. 4541




Making a 4 Year Plan
Youth Apprenticeship Information

For more information on the Jr/Sr High School's Youth Apprenticeship options, please see these resources:

Work Study Information

For more information on the Jr/Sr High School's Work Study program, please see these resources:

Blended Learning, Early College Credit Program, and CVTC Academies

Blended Learning Information Blended Learning, ECCP, and Youth Options, please see these resources:

College Preparatory Credits
Standard College Preparatory Credits

4 credits

English Literature, composition, etc.

3 credits

 Math  Algebra, geometry and higher

3 credits

Social Science   

3 credits 

Natural Science   Biology, chemistry, and physics.  Others emphasizing theory and a significant lab component are acceptable.  See individual requirements.

2 credits 

Single Foreign Language   Required at UW-Eau Claire, UW-Madison, and U of M-Minnesota

4 credits 

Other Electives   Chosen from the above areas, fine arts, computer science, and other academic and vocational areas.

Click here to see in-depth explanations of the classes listed at Cadott High School for the 2018-2019 school year.