Visitor's Guidelines

The following guidelines can also be found in Jr./Sr. High School Student/Parent Handbook.

  1. Permission to be present during school or non-school hours in a school building or on school property is at the discretion of the principal or other designated personnel. Visitors who receive approval to be present must wear a plastic name tag for identification.
  2. All individuals (other than enrolled students, invited parents, invited guests, employees of school, volunteers or service delivery personnel coming on a regular basis) who enter the school building or school property during school hours must make their presence known to the appropriate school office and properly identify themselves.
  3. Use of the school facilities or grounds during non school hours by guests at approved activities is permitted if the conduct of individual(s) is acceptable according to school policy and the law.
  4. The principal or other delegated personnel in their consideration to allow an individual(s) to be present in the school building or school grounds will consider the following:
    a. The normal school climate must be maintained.
    b. The safety and well being of all people must be maintained.
    c. Visitation to a classroom should be arranged in advance.
    d. Visitation to meet with a teacher should be arranged in advance.
    e. Denial for visitation may be reconsidered and rescheduled for another time.
    f. Student visitation from other K-12 school districts is discouraged; however, the principal will consider request for approval.
  5. Parents/caregivers who drop off or pick up students before or after school should be aware of the procedure established by the building principal.
  6. All school staff members should report violations of this policy to the appropriate school office immediately.