Cadott Elementary School Counseling Program

Mrs. Dena Manier, K-6 School Counselor

In our ever changing world, today’s children face more decisions and face greater risks than in any previous generation. While teachers work hard to help kids become “book smart” and ready for the 21st century, it is the school counselor’s job to teach kids the skills to become “behavior smart.” Elementary guidance and counseling services are available to all students at Cadott Elementary, not just those in a crisis situation.

Summary of Services
  • Classroom Guidance Lessons- Classroom guidance lessons are conducted by the school counselor on a monthly basis. Guidance lessons address skills such as being assertive, using self-control, making friends, demonstrating responsible behaviors, managing stress and anger, making healthy decisions, handling teasing and bully behavior, using fair fight skills, communicating effectively, etc. 
  • Small Group Counseling- When students have similar concerns, they may meet with the school counselor for help or skill building. Contact is made with parents of these children to insure a cooperative effort. Some common types of small groups deal with divorce, friendship, worry and stress, anger, grief/loss, and social skills.
  • Social Groups-The school counselor hosts various groups such as “Lunch Bunch” and “Welcoming New Students” which allow students to socialize with one another and the counselor without the structure of a formal counseling group.
  • Individual Counseling- A teacher, principal, parent or staff member may refer a student to the school counselor. Students may also refer themselves. Help is given for making friends, solving problems and fighting fairly with friends, developing and practicing positive social skills, coping with difficulties, and developing positive attitudes and behaviors. School counseling is a short-term, solution-focused intervention or teaching opportunity (not intensive therapy).
  • Consultation and Coordination of Services- The school counselor works collaboratively with students, parents, teachers, and the school principal to identify and remove barriers that may impede student ability, behavior and achievement. The school counselor also can help students and their families receive assistance from other programs and services in the school system and from other agencies outside of the school.

For additional information, please see or call the school counselor at Cadott Elementary, Mrs. Dena Manier at #715-289-3795, extension 1109.