Superintendent's Welcome


Welcome to the School District of Cadott Community! Our District is rich in the tradition of challenging all of our children to reach their full potential and preparing all children for their future with 21st century skills. Our district is on the move to substantial and permanent improvement of student achievement. Our mission to challenge each and every child to reach his or her full potential includes embracing proven strategies to fundamentally alter and improve student achievement.

The first of these strategies is an intense focus on school leadership and collaboration. Leadership rather than management matters in improving student achievement. Our principals and staff are devoted to increasing student achievement and making professional collaboration result in positive outcomes for students.The second aspect of our fundamental change is a focus on high quality instruction. Research demonstrates that high quality instruction is the single most important factor in student achievement. Improving our instruction to meet the particular needs of our students is essential. Insuring that solid Tier 1 instruction occurs, meaning that eighty percent of children achieve mastery during Tier 1 teaching and re-teaching is an essential measure of success. Because the teachers of this district are masters at instruction, these expectations are achievable.

 Finally, the third strategy is assessment and analysis. Effective use of assessment data is essential.  In order to be meaningful, assessments must be tied to the rigor expected on the essential learning outcomes.

Given the work that teachers, administrators and staff members are performing, the School District of Cadott Community is poised to be the fastest growing school district, in terms of instructional and student achievement outcomes.

 We are excited with the direction the district is moving and invite you to spend some time perusing our new web page.  Additionally, our doors are always open for a visit and/or tour of our buildings.

Together we are Cadott!

Damon R Smith