Board Meeting Agendas

January 2019

January 14th Monthly Meeting

January 28th Special Meeting

February 2019

February 4th special Meeting

February 4th Transportation and Facilities Meeting

February 11th Regular Board Meeting

February 25th Transportation Communication/Listening Session


March 2019

March 11th Regular Board Meeting

March 11th Administrator Eval Meeting

March 15th Administrator Eval meeting

March 25th Municipality/Superintent Evaluation Meeting


April 2019

April 8th Regular Meeting

April 29 Personnel Commitee Meeting

April 29 Personnel Committee Meeting


May 2019

May 13th Regular Meeting


June 2019

June 3rd Commitee Meeting

June 10th Meeting









January 2018

Regular Meeting Agenda

January 15th Special Meeting Agenda

February 2018

Regular Meeting Agenda

February 5th Special Meeting

February 12th Special Meeting

February 21st Special Meeting

February 22nd Special Meeting

February 27th Special Meeting

March 2018

Marth 5th Transportation Committee Meeting

March 5th Curriculum Meeting

March 5th Special Meeting

Regular Meeting Agenda

March 26th Special Meeting Agenda

April 2018

Regular Meeting Agenda

April 30th Special Meeting Agenda

April 30th Special Meeting Agenda

May 2018 

May Facilities/Transportation Meeting Agenda

May Personnel Meeting Agenda

May Finance Meeting Agenda

May Athletics Meeting Agenda

May Policy Meeting Agenda

May 14 Committee Meeting

May 14 Special Meeting

May 14 Regular Agenda


June 2018

June 4 Curriculum Agenda

June 4 Facilities/Transportation Agenda

June 4 Personnel Agenda

June 11 Special Meeting Agenda

June 18 Special Meeting Agenda

June 18 Regular Meeting Agenda

June 19 Special Meeting Agenda

Please note: June School Board Mtg moved from June 11th to June 18th

July 2018

July 2 Policy Meeting Agenda

July 2 Transportation & Facilities Meeting Agenda

July 9th Regular Meeting Agenda

July 30th Special Meeting Agenda

August 2018

August 6th Policy Mtg Agenda

August 13th Regular Meeting Agenda


September 2018

September 10th Athletics/Activities Committee Agenda

September 10th Regular Board Agenda

September 24 Special Meeting Agenda


October 2018

October 1 Policy Committee Agenda

October 1 Personnel Committee Agenda

October 8 Special Meeting Agenda

October 8 Regular Board Agenda

October 22nd Special Meeting

October 22nd Meeting- Levy

November 2018

November 5 Special Meeting

November 6 Special Meeting

November 12 Athletic CommitteeMeeting

November 12 Regular Meeting


December 2018

December 3rd Finance Commitee Meeting

December 3rd Special Meeting

December 10 Regular Meeting